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Veteran-Owned Sewer line camera inspections & sewer line repair.

The Drain Check is proud to be a veteran owned and operated company servicing all of the front range in  Colorado. When your pipes stop working as they should, you need to hire The Drain Check to perform a sewer line camera inspection. Once you and the Sewer line camera Inspector know what the issue is, you can have your sewer lines cleaned the right way. With our experience in the industry, we know that sewer line failures can occur and may go unnoticed until it is too late. Sewer line failures are expensive, inconvenient, and heartbreaking. Adequate drainage of plumbing fixtures is evaluated during a home inspection, however, lived-in conditions can not be fully simulated. Without inserting a sewer line camera into the home's underground waste lines, the true condition may not be discovered. ​You should have The Drain Check come out to your property once a year for a sewer line inspection and cleaning. A sewer scope inspection is recommended for houses of all ages, pipes of all materials, and both city sewer and septic systems. Get a cleaning regularly Once a year There is a general timeframe you want to abide by to keep your sewer lines clear. Repairs to the property's underground waste line can be thousands of dollars. If the property experiences a sewage backup, costs can skyrocket and oftentimes are not coverage by homeowner's insurance. Here are the signs you need a professional sewer line inspection and cleaning immediately: The foundation of the building has sustained damage from excessive moisture All the water fixtures in your house drain slowly or not at all Water backs up in more than one appliance You hear bubbling or gurgling sounds coming from the pipes You see raw sewage coming out of the drains in the tub or toilet You smell sewage throughout the building It is also a good idea to get an inspection once every so often if there are a lot of trees near the building. Tree roots can penetrate sewer lines. The roots block the flow of water, which causes problems inside the building. You need to keep an eye on the system to ensure the roots stay out. The camera system can extend hundreds of feet down into the sewer line, so you get a clear picture of anything that goes wrong.  In addition to the camera inspection, we can locate and mark where pipe damage is in a line so that a repair company can quickly and easily repair the pipe without major intrusions. 

Conclusion If you do not already have The Drain Check Inspecting and cleaning your drains once a year, then you need to find one immediately. Schedule these appointments well in advance, so you always know who you can call when problems come up. 

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